Powerlooms to go on token strike on November 19th against Cotton yarn price hike

Gujarat Powerlooms Association on Tuesday appealed to the Government to ban exports of cotton yarn and place the commodity under Essential Commodities Act as its escalating prices were rendering weavers jobless.

“There has been hike of 50-60 per cent in the prices of cotton yarn. The prices of 30 count yarn has shot up from Rs 130-140 per kg in April-May to over Rs 200 per kg now, making operations for powerloom weavers unviable,” GPA spokesperson Bharat Chajjer said.

The prices of cotton yarn are rising due to hoarding by the spinning mills and traders, besides exports, he claimed.So we are demanding the government ban the exports of cotton yarn with immediate effect, he said.According to the association, Cotton Yarn Advisory Board had fixed surplus quota for exports at 644 million kg for FY 2010-11 on October 1.

However, 544 million had already been contracted or shipped from April till October end, in spite of opposition from the powerloom sector.

The association has appealed to around 800 powerloom units in Gujarat to support the day-long token strike call given by the All India Powerloom Association on November 19, in support of their demands.There are close to 22.5 lakh powerloom weavers across the country.

1 comment for “Powerlooms to go on token strike on November 19th against Cotton yarn price hike

  1. Gujarati
    November 18, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Gujarat Powerlooms Association is a bunch of greedy businessmen. They want maximum profit for themselves at the expense of farmers. Who is stopping them to increase the prices of their end product if cotton is expensive ?

    If they want export ban, let them get it but NOT only cotton export, there should be export ban on cotton thread and cloth they produce as well.


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