General Motors Halol plant strike ends after Gujarat Government intervenes

Three-day strike in Halol based General Motors plant is likely to end today.

According to Vadodara region Deputy Labor Commissioner K.O.Shah, a successful meeting was organized yesterday in Godhra in presence of Assistant Labor Commissioner S.V.Vasava and Government Labor Officer M.S.Patel with representatives of the company and agitating workers.

While workers put demand of Rs.8000 hike, the management expressed possibility of Rs. 4000 hike. The issue was settled in the meeting according to Shah.

“The issues are to be resolved during one and half month process of interaction between the management and workers. Workers are agreed to return back to the work on Tuesday,” Shah added.

Due to 3-day strike, production of 450 cars was stalled in this plant according to sources.

1 comment for “General Motors Halol plant strike ends after Gujarat Government intervenes

  1. Karamputra
    November 3, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Because of Paid chinese Communist agent provocators of Indian and particularly Bengali and Keralan origin instigation of communist anti india,
    fith columnist strikers are likely to infiltrate truble ,slow dawn progress. in new industries in Gujarat to sabotage industrial relations.
    Therefore there should be total ban on recruitment from Keralan and Bengali communists in Industries and Government posts.
    Communist agents should be arrested and deported from gujarat along with other naxals.
    Gujaratis are not communal but this does not mean we can tolerate Deshdrohi.Suzzane Arundhati Roy and her kind, from bangal and kerala.


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