Complete detail of what you would get at Ahmedabad's new airport building

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To be functional from 15th of August, Rs 316 crore new domestic-international terminal building of Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is equipped with 410-metre long underground travelators(walkalators) in an underground link with the existing domestic terminal. Passengers will be able to travel from new domestic terminal to international terminal using the travelators, which are similar to conveyor belts or say horizontal escalator or moving path where you don’t need to walk to move. Ahmedabad is the only airport in western India to be equipped with travelators. The travelator, which is 11 metres wide, has been put in place in an air-conditioned tunnel at a cost of Rs 80 crore.

Another notable feature of the new terminal building is the four aerobridges.Passengers will be able to easily and comfortably board or alight from the aircraft without even setting foot on the ground because of the aerobridges. The airport building also has two information booths, five conveyor belts for arrival, four escalators, seven elevators, two passenger boarding bridge and parking facility for 500 cars.

The new terminal has an area of 39,331 sq m. It also boasts of an inline X-ray baggage inspection system integrated with state-of-the-art departure baggage conveyors and carousals type arrival conveyors. It will have a capacity of 1600 passengers per hour, including departure and arrival. The terminal can handle 2.85 million passengers annually.

The terminal will benefit from the abundance daylight through the skylights, sheer glass and louvre facades. To alleviate energy efficiency in city’s extreme climatic conditions, air-conditioning is concentrated only on first three to four meters of space where it closely affects the comfort of passengers.

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The new facilities to be added include 32 check-in counters with common use terminal equipment (CUTE), four glass aerobridges with visual docking system.

The new 51,975 sq m apron area can cater for the parking of 9 A-321 and 4 ATR-72 type of aircraft.