Gujarat cotton yards on complete strike for seven days

Raising their voice against the ban on cotton exports by the central government, All the cotton traders and ginning industry houses and all the cotton marketing yards are observing strike in Gujarat.

The strike started from 7th May and would continue till 14th May, 2010.

The strike call has been given by Gujarat Niyantrit Bajar Sangh – a central organization of all the agriculture produce marketing committees (APMCs) in Gujarat. Sangh stated in its appeal that cotton farmers and ginning/pressing industry has been dragged into losses worth crores of rupees due to the ban on cotton exports, which was imposed by the union government on 19th April 2010.

No purchase or sale of cotton is being made in markets. The strike has got support from farmers and mills in the region, who have decided to support their move and are terming it as a fight for their existence.

Industry experts opined that a large volume of cotton bags are lying at various godowns in the state due to the decision. The state cotton industry is feared to face critical condition in coming days, if the union government continues its stand.

Cotton prices are badly hit due to oversupply following the export ban. The prices have plummeted by over Rs.2000 per candy (a candy = 356 kgs) in various yards. The state has been one of the largest cotton producing states in the country.

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