Alcock Ashdown Gujarat Ltd develops first Survey Catamarans for Indian navy

Gujarat government owned shipbuilding firm, Alcock Ashdown Gujarat Limited(AAGL) launched two 53-metre-long catamarans for the Indian Navy in last one month.

The vessels INS Makar and INS Meen would be stationed in Vishakhapatnam to become part of a fleet of six ships being built by AAGL for Indian Navy under total Rs 800 crore assignment.

The vessel would conduct coastal hydrographic survey of  ports and harbours, their approaches and would also conduct limited oceanographic survey. Such surveys are carried out by the Navy to decide a route in the ocaean that can be used by commercial and naval ships for navigation.

The AAGL made catamarans are equipped with basic coastal defence, search, rescue and research capability. Each vessel with huge deck displaces about 500 tonnes of water and can operate at special low survey speed of 0-6 knots and a maximum speed of over 18 knots. The ship would accommodate six officers, around 40 sailors and 6 scientists on board. Interestingly AAGL was awarded this assignment not because it’s a government company, but through a competitive bidding process in which private players had also participated.

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