'The common virtue in top entrepreneurs is confidence in self'


By Japan K Pathak

Do you know ? Suzlon’s Tulsi Tanti is world’s third-largest wind turbine supplier but Suzlon Energy was his 17th venture in life. Or do you know, Baba Kalyani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Forge contributes a part in every second truck in the US?

You can have plenty of sources if you want to know something about successful entrepreneurs of the U.S. but if you want to know something about the successful bunch of entrepreneurs at our home front, the book ‘India Inc. How India’s Top Ten Entrepreneurs are Winning Globally’ is recommended.

Britain based Gujarati Vikas Pota was in Ahmedabad last week to launch his this book published by Nicholas Brealeya. Vikas interviewed K.V.Kamath(ICICI), Kiran Mazmudar-Shaw(Biocon), Kishore Lulla(Eros International), Malvinder Singh(Religare), Narayan Murthy(Infosys Technologies), Baba Kalyani(Bharat Forge), Tulsi Tanti(Suzlon Energy), Subhash Chandra(Zee TV), Shiv Nadar(HCL Technologies) and S.Ramadorai(Tata Consultancy Services) and penned down a book on their stories. Vikas believes these 10 as India’s top ten entrepreneurs.

“There had been lot written on Ambanis and even Ratan Tata, I wanted to write about those who were less discussed so far. These ten were my favorite entrepreneurs whom I believe as top ten,” Vikas told media persons before launch of his book in Ahmedabad.

‘So who was the toughest to interview? We asked, and Vikas replied, “None was that tough. Initially I had apprehension that meeting these big people would not be possible easily, but they gave me their valuable time almost instantly and they were very cooperative throughout the course of out talk.”

The common virtue Vikas found in his favorite top ten entrepreneurs was: “Confidence in self, and confidence generated by ‘passion’ in what they do.”

‘Can a person become billionaire without doing something wrong?’, we asked and Vikas replied: ‘Ask Ratan Tata.’

‘But did you ask some uncomfortable questions too to these billionaires, like something wrong, unethical or illegal that they had to do to propel ahead their journey of success?’ We further asked.

‘No, I am not a journalist, I didn’t want to write this book journalistically,” Pota replied.

Pota said, India and China are now discussed in Western world like never before. He said the difference between top western entrepreneurs and top Indian entrepreneurs internationally according to him is that while the Indian entrepreneurs create their success in western world with passion of ‘Brand India’ and ‘Made in India’, the western entrepreneurs do business just for them or say just for sake of doing business.

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