Gujarat to have a dedicated jetty for salt exports in two years

Gujarat will have a dedicated jetty for salt exports around the Navlakhi port in the Gulf of Kutch in the next two years for held the Indian salt exporters in providing faster export to lucrative eastern countries market that includes countries like South Korea, Japan and Indonesia. The Gujarat Maritime Board has already started surveying the area in proximity of Navlakhi port.

Gujarat produces about 20 million tonne of salt annually and exports about 2 million tonne of that. But the export is rising because in recent years, a lot of chlor-alkali, PVC, soda ash and caustic soda manufacturing industries have sprung up in the Asia-Pacific region.

A dedicated jetty for salt exports, proposed to come up in Gujarat, will take shape in the next two years. The proposed jetty will
help the Indian salt exporters in providing quicker shipments to countries like Japan, Indonesia and South Korea, which are part of the lucrative 18-20 million tonne salt market in the Asia Pacific region.

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