Which car do you want in Gujarat? Ferarry, Hummer, Bently?

Ruston Cama, Jehangir Cama and others at Ahmedabads Cama Motors show-room standing with a Hummer car, which has been brought for the first time in Gujarat

Ruston Cama, Jehangir Cama and others at Ahmedabad's Cama Motors show-room standing with a Hummer car, which has been brought for the first time in Gujarat

Which car do you want in Gujarat at your doorstep?

Hummer, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Range rover, Rolls Royce, Bentley????

How to import such car easily?

How to maintain such car here? How to go for its repair? How to get needed parts?

What if you want to resell it in future?

Ahmedabad’s Cama Motors Ltd which is the oldest motor vehicle dealers in India has come up with a concept of providing end-to-end solutions for the Luxury car segment. This includes hassle free import, service and repair works for SUVs, Luxury Sedans, Convertibles, luxury cars.

Mr. Jahangir Cama, CMD, Cama group, while addressing the media at his facility in the city said, “Our newly launched special division ‘Cama Signature’ would facilitate hassle free import of new luxury cars like SUVs, Luxury Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles, Land Cruiser, Hummer, Audi, BMW, Ferrari or Mercedes at an unbeatable price and within a reasonably short span of time. We have tied up with Magus Cars in Gujarat for the same. Our ‘Cama Signature’ programme would also provide pre-owned luxury car, the look, glamor and elegance of which would be as good as new. In the ‘Cama Studio’ division we would focus on the revamp and renovation of luxury & vintage cars. We have tied up with Lorinser Sports Service Company, which is a globally active company offering superior accessories for the same. ‘Cama Care’ division along with Carz Spa, which is a professional car detailing centre, dedicated to automobile beautification and preservation will offer end-to-end solutions for premium hi-end cars. This division will have well trained and experienced personnel to give an unparalleled look to any car. Services such as germ free car, sound-proof cabin, nano-coating on glasses etc. will be done by this division.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Rustom Jehangir Cama, Executive Director, Cama Motors Ltd, said, “We are targeting to sell two luxury cars per month in first one year. Today after more than seven decades of passionate car services, we are very proud to present the three brand new divisions of Cama Motors Ltd., which will assure total delight to all luxury car lovers. We intend to bring an air of professionalism to our multi brand set up by using the skills acquired as an ISO 9000 certified Luxury car dealership.”

Cama Motors Ltd in Ahmedabad is one of the oldest motor vehicle dealers in India across any car segment. In 1953, Cama Motors Ltd. obtained the dealership of Mahindra range of vehicles and in a span of 2 years; Hindustan Motors offered Cama Motors the franchise for their vehicles, which was acquired by them. Not only this, but Cama was the only Mercedes Benz dealer across Gujarat for about 12 years .The main objective of being the dealer of Mercedes Benz was to sell cars, spares, service and workshop and to provide assistance to the customers. Cama Motors has an experience of more than seven decades and today the company stands for trust, innovation and exemplary car services.

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  1. August 12, 2009 at 10:37 am

    i want to import a hummer h2 or h3 so please send me the price details of them….


    Nikhil Joshi Reply:

    Dear Mr. Kartik,

    You can get in touch with Mr. Rustom Cama, who would be able to help you out. His office phone number is 25505281-6. Else please give
    your contact. We will ask their person to get in touch with you.

    Nikhil Joshi


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