Tethered helium balloon at Kankaria lake front soon

Artists image of proposed Tethered helium balloon at Kankaria lake front

Artist's image of proposed Tethered helium balloon at Kankaria lake front

You will be able to watch a sky view of Ahmedabad’s Kankaria lake front from the height soon.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) is working on a project to erect a Tethered helium balloon in One tree hill garden.

A tethered helium balloon is a helium-filled gas balloon which is tethered to the ground(steady at one place, and not flying one), or to a road vehicle, by a steel rope and raised and lowered by a winch. Visitors can sit and have a pleasure of viewing the things from as high as 100 metre or more.

According to photographs released by the AMC, proposed balloon will have Vibrant Gujarat symbol painted over it.

Highlights of proposed balloon

-The balloon ride is expected to start within next three months.

-It has capacity to accommodate 30 persons at one go.

-It will take you to a height of 450 ft. over One tree hill.

-A ride will cost you for just Rs.50

-Total project cost is estimated at Rs. 10 crore.

-It is claimed that Tethered helium balloon in Ahmedabad will be the first such balloon in India.

-The AMC will get 10 percent of ticket sell income, while operator who has been given a land for 10 years lease period will keep 90% income.

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