Gujarat Samachar, number one and growing:latest IRS report

Gujarat Samachar, No.1 and continues to be No.1 in Gujarat

Gujarat Samachar, No.1 and continues to be No.1 in Gujarat

According to Indian Readership Survey(IRS) 2009 R1, Gujarat Samachar continues to rule Gujarat in terms of readership and growth. Here are some interesting Gujarat related points from recent IRS reports.

-Figures of total reach that consists urban plus rural readership suggest that Gujarat Samachar(4762000) leads Divya Bhaskar(3434000) by almost 40 per cent in terms of total readership. Sandesh(3391000) lags behind Divya Bhaskar very marginally by just about 1 per cent.

-Change in Readership figures suggest that among the three top dailies, Gujarat Samachar is the only one that is seen to have grown(+0.8 per cent) over the last round of the IRS 2008. Divya Bhaskar(-3.8%) and Sanesh(-5.0%) have lost readers by a few points. Saurashtra Samachar(+1.8%) has gained readers while Gujarat Mitra(-8.9%) has lost readers significantly.

-According to rural-urban datas, Gujarat Samachar’s 67% readers are urban and 33% rural, Divya Bhaskar’s 74% readers are urban and 26% rural while Sandesh’s 61% readership is urban and 39% rural.

-In 20 to 39 years age group, Gujarat Samachar lost -1.9% readers, Divya Bhaskar -5% and Sandesh -9% readers. While in 30 plus group Gujarat Samachar gained 0.5% readers, Divya Bhaskar and Sandesh lost -2.7% and -4% readers respectively.

-In SEC A, Gujarat Samachar has 42% presence, Divya Bhaskar and Sandesh have 30.1% and 23.5% share respectively. In SEC AB, Gujarat Samachar has 34.7% share while Divya Bhaskar and Sandesh have 22.5% and 20.3% share respectively.

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